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Toshi Omagari

The why and how of reviving a typeface

Type designer Toshi Omagari (known for designing the Metro® Nova and Neue Haas Unicatypefaces) talks about where inspiration for typeface changes comes from, when a revival or restoration is merited and why, and how the process works.


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photo of Chip Kidd

The art of first impressions

In this humorous 20 minute talk from TEDSalon, book designer Chip Kidd talks about the yin and yang of clarity and mystery in design communication, shares examples of both in his work (as well as the thought processes that led him to those final covers), and playfully lambasts cases of unuseful mystery and unuseful clarity in design.


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folder and tag icons

Choosing the right patterns

Infinite scrolling or pagination? Avatars or names? Radio boxes or select boxes? In this article, the incredibly smart design team at Intercom walk through a recent design problem to share their decision-making process and encourage others to pause and question whether default patterns are always the best solution.


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Illustration of woman thinking

Why I taught myself to procrastinate

Getting a later start on tasks and projects could be the secret to better focus and more divergent thinking. Read this New York Times piece immediately to find out why ... or ... you know ... save it till tomorrow.


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