Web Fonts and Digital Advertising: A Perfect Pair

The world of digital advertising is changing. Flash is being replaced with HTML5. Mobile and rich media content consumption are on the rise. Top brands are expanding their reach, targeting more accurately and experiencing greater ROI with responsive, dynamic digital ads. Below are five reasons why you should consider web fonts for your digital ads strategy.

Media fragmentation

The number of browsers, operating systems, and devices is multiplying, yet web fonts deliver a consistent digital advertising experience — regardless of the size or placement of the ad. By maintaining their desired output across all displays, brands can improve both their recognition and reputation.


Major Operating Systems


Major Browser Versions


Common Digital Ad Sizes

The demise of Flash

Most mobile devices have never supported Flash and Google plans to no longer accept Flash ads as of June 30, 2016. Safari, Firefox, and Chrome all auto-pause Flash content. This means the ads are served but do not automatically play in the browser. 

First iPhone release (Flash was never supported on iOS)

Safari starts auto-pausing Flash ads

Chrome starts auto-pausing Flash ads

First Android devices released (Very few Android devices supported Flash)

Firefox starts auto-pausing Flash ads

Google will no longer accept Flash ads as of June 30, 2016

Rise of HTML5 ads

HTML5 is replacing Flash as the standard for digital ads. With the demise of Flash, 100% of rich media ads on Google networks will be HTML5.


1996 - 2016

Websites have benefited from HTML5 and web fonts for years, and now digital ads can experience similar advantages such as dynamic content and responsiveness with better workflows and improved campaign experience.

Efficient workflow

Campaign performance

Build once, push to many places


Dynamic & Programmatic Advertising

Rich media ROI

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), rich media ads had 29.5% higher brand lift than their static ad counterparts.

The IAB also found that rich media ads had 4x higher ad recall, 3x increased interaction rate and 5x longer interaction gaze from their audience.




Higher Interaction Rate

Higher Ad Recall

Longer Gaze Duration

The web font edge

For digital ads and websites, web fonts deliver more compelling
and visually engaging experiences compared to the alternatives.
Here are some of the benefits:

System fonts

  • On-brand
  • Crisp
  • Dynamic
  • Consistent
  • Efficient

The fonts that are already installed on your computer. Different for Mac & PC

Images of text

  • On-brand
  • Crisp
  • Dynamic
  • Consistent
  • Efficient

Raster images of type that do not scale without pixelating. (png, jpg)

Web fonts

  • On-brand
  • Crisp
  • Dynamic
  • Consistent
  • Efficient

Font files that can be seen without being installed on any viewer's device.

Learn more about using web fonts in HTML5 ads:


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