Find out if your brand is ready for the modern consumer

The last several years have seen a drastic change in how brands and customers interact. Some brands are ahead of the game, and yes, some are still catching up.

This nine-question assessment takes about three minutes to complete. Afterward, you’ll receive a brand health outline showing where your brand stands, along with tips and guidance based on your responses.

Are your web assets (homepage, digital ads) designed to be responsive, and if so are you using web fonts to build them?

Are you able to quickly respond to new customer demands? Examples: improving the UX on your website, adding responsive features to your web assets, or deploying a new app.

Do you employ personalization in your web assets?

Do you have individual licenses for your print, web, app, and digital ad usage?

Do you know if your fonts are licensed to be legally shared with third-party vendors, such as freelance designers, printing companies, etc?

Are your font licenses set up to accommodate growth at your company, in terms of workstations, use cases, and global reach?

Are you using web fonts in your HTML emails?

Does your brand use free fonts for certain design use cases?

Do customers currently have a unified, on-brand experience across digital touchpoints, languages, and operating systems?