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TYPO font as a free download

The Beyond TYPO font was created as the communications instrument for the international design conference TYPO Berlin 2016, as a felt pen typeface, endowed with a host of OpenType features.

The designers Steff Hengge (Stefanidad, studio adhoc) and Ulrike Rausch (LiebeFonts) developed the headline script with inspiration from the rich variety of shapes in the world of microbial life forms.

TYPE Beyond Font

Animated and biomorphic - with its sophisticated OpenType features, the headline font breathes life into the design environment

The uppercase typeface was initially hand written with a thick felt pen by Steff Hengge. Ulrike Rausch transformed those hand-written drawings into a font with OpenType. Each character has alternate forms. There are many special ligatures and each letter has initial and end shapes, producing biomorphic extensions.

Animated and biomorphic with its sophisticated OpenType features, this font breathes life into design.

The free download includes:

  • .ZIP file containing OpenType headline font
  • Felt-pen uppercase letters for Mac & PC
  • OpenType features: contextual alternates, ligatures, initial and final letter forms, stylistic alternatives
  • 383 glyphs
  • PDF OpenType tutorial for Adobe InDesign, MS Word, and Mac Pages

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